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Krify is a top UI UX design agency in UK. We know how to create interfaces that are centered around a delightful user experience, which makes us your one-stop-shop for all of your mobile app development needs. Our team consists of designers and developers who specialize in UX so that we can get to know your need for making it easy for us to create digital products with an awesome user experience while still meeting any business goals.

Our team of designers and developers are known for their creativity, insightfulness, and ability to design solutions that solve problems. Being the best UI UX design agency UK, Our work includes everything from app development for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile to website design and web application development. We have a proven track record in UI/UX Design Services which has made us one of the leading UI UX design agency in UK. 

The UI/UX Design Process Krify Follows

Many think that designing graphics for a mobile app may seem like an artistic endeavor, but in reality, it is more systematic and technical than art. We at Krify follow these steps when creating one of our most enticingly designed apps so you don’t have to spend as much time on your designs. Being a custom UI/UX design agency we can tailor your designs as per your ideology.

We follow the process as below mentioned:

  • Discover –    Learn about user
  • Define     –     Determine features
  • Ideate     –   Brainstorm solutions
  • Prototype –   Simulate UX 
  • Test       –     Validate with users

1. Discover:

Designing a new smartphone application can be quite tricky because there are so many different types of people who use them in diverse ways. Some need their phones primarily as tools, others want something more creative or artistic like Instagram.  

While still other folks just want basic functions such as Google Maps without having any frills at all. So figuring out where they’re coming from helps when designing with purposeful intent.

2. Define:

Consider the needs of your target users and identify what problems they have. The “Define the Issue” statement should address an existing issue that your app will solve.

3. Ideate:

It is important to identify the end-user when deciding what operating system and which type of interface to use because each individual has different interests.

4. Prototype:

Creating a user interface is an elaborate process and one that has to be done meticulously. If you want it to work smoothly, then there needs to be perfect detail in every part of the design.

5. Testing

There are a variety of UX testing methods available to easily and quickly generate feedback for creating winning products. We test the designs before we deliver them to our clients.

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Benefits of UI UX Design For Business

1. Cost-Cutting:

Investing in UX design can save your company time and money. Fixing potential usability and design flaws at the initial step can save a lot of money in the later ones. The iterative steps not only help save costs but also produce high-quality products.

2. Increase the Number of Conversions:

There are many websites on the internet, but very few that stand out from the rest. This means they are user-friendly and helpful in addressing users’ problems. Websites with overcomplicated designs might look nice at first but often drive away their prospects converting to customers when users struggle to find relevant information. 

Online shopping is a test of our impatient human nature, so it’s important to reduce your customer’s effort for conversion by using less scrolling or clicks.

3. Enhance your Search Engine Optimization:

Companies can rank higher on Google SERPs through UX design, even if they don’t have the best keywords. Whereas SEOs in the past relied heavily on keywords for rankings, this is no longer enough. 

Today’s algorithms have taken into account a lot more factors to determine page rankings–including a site’s UX design. 

This is because both SEO and UX are created to help users get the most relevant content and answers to their queries; as such, today’s search algorithm takes this into account when determining page ranks.

4. Boost your Brand’s Credibility:

Creating a good user experience goes a long way for the success of any business. A seamless user experience builds trust with your target customers and creates a lasting relationship with them.

People buy experiences first, so if you provide them with an extraordinary customer experience they are likely to quickly turn into loyal clients who not only become regular customers but will also be happy to share their positive feelings about you with others in order to endorse advertising for your products or services across multiple social media platforms.


Krify is a top UI UX design agency in UK, Our team is made up of experts who know how to build applications for a variety of devices. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality products on time, every time. Our services are available all over the United Kingdom, in all the states. Therefore, we are renowned as the top UI/UX design agency Ilford, top UI UX design agency Essex and many other cities. To get more information, contact us.


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