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Kotlin is the specific programming language of type inference, statically typed, and is cross-platform. In comparison, the java virtual machine(JVM)version relies on the Java Class Library, the Kotlin standard library variant, but the type interference permits a more concise syntax.

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    Kotlin Development Services

    Kotlin can be easily implemented. It is ideal for smartphone and web apps and is extremely simple and versatile to meet any requirements or conditions. We use Kotlin, a language that completely understands all Java-based frameworks to maximize the use of Android’s features.

    Kotlin App Migration

    We specialize in switching Android applications from Java to Kotlin to take advantage of the latest language and functionality.

    Kotlin App Upgradation

    Our team of developers offers upgrade services to ensure the platform is fit for the future as Kotlin growth continues to expand and evolve.

    Application Design

    We consider the Google guidelines and new architecture principles in a highly appealing and intuitive manner for displaying UI and UX to clients.

    Kotlin Application Development

    With Kotlin, as an advanced language and environment, we create high-performance and personalized Native Android Apps for optimized output.

    Kotlin Application Testing

    Kotlin testing services offer rigorous testing to ensure flawless Kotlin applications

    Kotlin Development Process

    We will introduce the final result’s latest development life cycle from the app definition to growth to the site’s deployment. Here’s the application development process we use to build web applications based on the specifications shared by our customers.

    Gather and analyze client requirement

    • We get to know our client
    • Apprehend clients requirement
    • Proposing the appropriate solution


    • Prepare various design prototypes
    • Working on a wireframe for each screen
    • Designing the application


    • Start Coding app
    • Layout main sections
    • Gather feedback from the client


    • Test the application to identify flaws
    • Make sure application is 100% bug-free
    • Get approved from the client


    • Deploy the application to the client’s server

    Benefits of using Kotlin for development

    Our team of professionals is well versed in the development of Kotlin apps and passionate about turning your vision into a flourishing organization. With our customized and modern development strategy, we can be your choice partner for the Kotlin app development and aspire to attain your market objective.

    One-way Data binding

    Easy Setup
    Developers simply can select the “Include Kotlin Support” box in Android Studio during the setup of your new project.

    Virtual DOM

    Kotlin will query for Java code and the reverse. This Java language makes it easy for you to use Kotlin for your old Java code in your latest project.

    SEO Friendly

    Null Pointer Exception
    Kotlin can call code for Java and vice versa. This Java language encourages the use of Kotlin in the most current project for your old Java code.

    Follows MVC architecture

    Synthetic Extension
    In Kotlin, there are a range of extensions to ease Android Applications’ creation, in which Synthesis renders things far more manageable.

    Re usable Code

    Data classes in Kotlin
    Android developers can write the exact Java code equivalent in a simple manner and with lesser code.

    Industries We Served

    No coding skills required to create unique sites. Customize your site in real-time and see the results instantly.

    Why Choose Krify to Kotlin Application Development?

    Skilled PostgreSQL developers

    We have professional software developers who have already built various applications with over 500 above mobile and web applications.

    Free consultation

    To discuss your queries and project criteria, we assist our clients with a free consultation. Our team will help them in answering all project-related queries.

    Flexibility in hiring

    We have personalized recruiting models, enabling clients to employ an hourly and fixed price for PostgreSQL developers to fulfill different work requirements.

    Maintenance support

    We have a technical maintenance support team that responds to your feedback and provides you with a feasible solution and a seamless experience.

    100% transparency

    We believe in absolute transparency with our clients, so during the entire development cycle, we keep them updated related to project progress.


    You can explore our works on different business verticals. We have delivered the best of our services to our clients, based on the proposals shared by them.

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