What is penetration testing?

A penetration test or pen test is a virtual attack on the internal or external network of your enterprise. This Ethical hacking exercise assesses the internal networking and technology perimeter of your company to verify the vulnerability levels, facilities and setup tools by analysing discrete vulnerabilities and finding them. It takes only one flaw or security weakness for a cyber attacker or hacker to gain entry in your computer networks.

Why Does Your Website Need a Penetration Testing?

Efficiently monitoring your company’s security is a constructive compliance evaluation in order to detect your organization’s insecurity before it can be identified and used to achieve unwanted device access or to exploit an assault. Below mentioned pointers explain the importance of  Penetration testing for any business website.

penetration testing

Validate all known and unknown risks in the networks.
Find protection threats and minimise so an attacker can use a legal hacking monitoring tool.
Validate new information technology strategy safety and reliability of existing protections
Identify the target systems’ compliance vulnerabilities by manual assessment.
Evaluation and alignment to the formal mandates of security hygiene of the network.
Establish trust for consumers, investors and auditors in your protection policy.

Penetration Testing Services

Web application penetration testing

In business success, online apps play a crucial role and are an enticing target for cybercriminals. Ethical hacker resources from Krify include website and mobile app intrusion testing to detect bugs such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting issues, including application logic weaknesses and session control flows


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