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Krify has a sturdy back-end development team that uses the best practices of the industry to make your website or application run efficiently. As a globally renowned mobile app sponsoring development company based in India, we offer exemplary back-end development services to enhance your business growth.

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    As the world becomes completely influenced by the Internet, a website is a key component for all companies. Our professional mobile app backends developers offer end-to-end mobility back-end development services to small, medium and large organisations. Using the power of the latest backend development technologies such as PHP, Python, Java, Object C, API, and Swift, our backend developer offers mobile backend applications with scalable performance and robust architecture.

    Our expertise in Backend technologies

    Krify provides the quality framework that is based on best practises in the industry and agile concepts as a development service business. We at Krify offer great features that include excellent web frames like Laravel, Codeignitor and CakePHP, which use PHP as a scripting language.

    One-way Data binding

    Backend Development Process

    The implementation of the frontend for a web app is a step-by-step process from creation to deployment, from development to testing.



    • Questionnaires
    • Client Feedback
    • Define the target audience



    • Database Server testing
    • Tools and technology assortment



    • Branding
    • Wireframing and prototyping
    • UML Diagrams & Database architecture



    • Setup of the ecosystem
    • Modules & Integration development
    • Query optimization



    • Security precautions
    • Compatibility testing
    • Automation



    • Approval
    • Configuration of server
    • Deployment


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