Top Software testing agency in UK

Top Software Testing Agency in UK

In modern days, software is a necessity for every business. The importance of testing and quality assurance has never been more apparent than in recent years with the rise of smartphones and apps. Software developers are constantly producing new code to meet these needs, leading to mistakes that could be costly for any company that relies on their software daily. Software testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding bugs. A tester might test software for compatibility, usability, or security. The primary goal of software testing is to provide feedback about the quality of the product and identify areas that need more work so that these issues can be fixed before release. Krify is a top software testing agency in the UK. We provide expert services to help you achieve your goals and meet your deadlines. Our team of experienced testers are proficient in all aspects of software testing with extensive experience across all major platforms, browsers, and devices. 

Top Software Testing Agency Process

Krify, being a leading software testing agency in UK, has been conducting quality assurance checks for many years now. With their expert team of testers, they have helped businesses all over the world become more successful. At Krify, we follow a streamlined process for software testing.

1. Analyze Requirement:

As part of the Software Testing Lifecycle, the first step is to analyze test requirements. Identifying those that can be tested in a given time is used to decide testing priorities.

2. Planning:

During this stage of the QA lifecycle, several documents are created. To accomplish your project, you’ll need to determine how much time and money you’ll need to allocate to it.

3. Test case development:

As a prerequisite for creating test cases, you must first write the scripts. The testing team must create and validate particular test cases for each new feature that is introduced.

4. Setup Environment:

Creating test cases demands meticulous preparation. The testing team must create and validate particular test cases for each new feature introduced, which means defining the inputs, validating outputs against expected results to ensure they meet quality assurance standards.

5. Test Execution:

Testers execute tests by carrying out testing based on a team-created set of test plans and test cases. All requirements are compared to the project’s requirements traceability matrix, with any inaccuracies found being reported back to developers for verification. Errors or discrepancies in the system will be sent along to implement fixes as soon as possible.

6. End of testing:

Last but not least, the testing team will meet and examine the documentation from their tests to find any bottlenecks in development. If there are any problems, they can give feedback for best practices.

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Reasons to go with Software Testing 

Software testing is the process of reviewing and verifying that the software meets its stated requirements. Below are some of the reasons why businesses should understand the importance of software testing.

1. Optimize business:

To obtain a higher quality level, the final product must be tested before being released. As a result, providing efficient software allows a corporation to become entrenched in the reputation of a software supplier.

2. Acquire Customer confidence:

During software testing, it’s ensured that the product will. As a result, it can be used by its intended users. They know what clients want, and if the software can’t meet those expectations, it’s a waste of money.

3. Check Software Availability:

Changing devices can alter the software’s functionality, leading to a terrible user experience. As a result of testing, such faults in the software’s performance are eliminated, with compatibility and adaptability.

4. Identify errors:

Software that hasn’t been thoroughly tested, no matter how brilliant the developers and engineers may be, is prone to malfunctions and flaws. Testing will improve the product’s functionality by exposing and fixing hidden problems.

5. Avoid Additional costs:

The expense of reimbursing clients who have experienced glitchy software is closely related to the problem of errors. A client’s dissatisfaction with the product for which they have paid, as well as their wasted time, might amount to a large number of damages. 


Krify is the top software testing agency in UK with a team of expert testers. We offer quality and reliable services to tech companies worldwide that need their apps tested for bugs, errors, or malfunctions before they launch them on the market. Our services aren’t limited to countries, but also the counties within the UK such as London, Ilford, Essex, etc. Therefore, we are also well known as a top Software Testing agency in London and top Software Testing agency in Ilford. Contact us if you are looking for a software testing service from a renowned best Software Testing agency in UK.


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