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Top 10 Website Design Trends in 2021

We all know that the design of our website is crucial to its success. The more attractive it looks, the more likely people are going to want to use it. You might be asking yourself what types of designs are trending right now and which ones you should use for your site. This blog post will discuss some trends in web design and which types of websites they work best on.  Web design trends come and go quickly, but a few seem to be sticking around this year, like minimalist designs with plenty of white space, flat color schemes, bold typography, and minimal imagery. Krify offers professional web design services emphasizing functionality for both large-scale businesses and small entrepreneurs alike. Our team has experience building websites for everything from restaurants to online stores, so no matter what your business is trying to accomplish, we can help you do it better through our custom website design trends, tailored specifically to your industry or niche. 

Top Website Design trends in 2021

The top website design trends dominating 2021 include a focus on visuals, mobile-friendly sites, and websites with an excellent user experience. The list of the top trends can be found here.

1. Parallax:

Users today are accustomed to scrolling down the sites to get every bit of information they can get their hands on. Users are more likely to scroll to the end of a page if the design and content are appealing. Additionally, it prolongs sessions for better search engine optimization (SEO). In conclusion, having a website with a parallax scrolling effect has various merits.

2. Micro-interactions:

A micro-interaction is a small animation on a website or app that comes to life when the user interacts with it somehow. Link hovers and color changes are probably familiar to you. It’s the same concept, except micro-interactions create motion effects as visitors interact with the objects on the site.

3. Interactive 3D elements:

It makes a website more engaging, intriguing, and attractive for users when it includes 3-D components and interactions. People find traditional websites uninteresting and don’t want to engage with them; thus, they don’t use them anymore. But 3D designs can make the website look fresh and trendy while revealing the content’s creative side.

4. Dark Mode:

Because it lowers eye strain, many users today favor dark designs. Considering that people are spending more time on screens, this is not surprising.

5. Neumorphism:

Because it lowers eye strain, many users today favor dark designs. Considering that people are spending more time on screens, this is not surprising. It gives the viewers an out-of-the-box experience with a distinctive and decent appearance and feel. As a bonus, Neumorphism makes the content on the site more accessible and visible.

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6. Virtual Reality:

All sectors and fields are embracing virtual reality, and website design is no exception. Businesses are integrating virtual reality experiences into their websites to give customers a better understanding of what they’re selling. VR experience in website design has several advantages. Users are encouraged to buy products, enticed to browse more, and all of these things help increase conversion and sales.

7. Thumb Friendly Navigation:

As a concept, “mobile-first experience” isn’t new. It’s been around for a few years now. Mobile-friendly websites are vital in today’s world when the majority of visitors browse using smartphones. Thumb-friendly navigation is the emerging trend in web design to improve user experience on mobile devices.

8. Minimalist design:

With a clean, uncluttered web design, minimalism is all about giving more with less. Minimalist design, often known as flat design, is one of the hottest trends in website design right now. Using hues of dark green as the background color, Shopify uses a basic design with crisp lettering.

9. Voice UI:

With voice user interfaces, users can explore and interact with a website without using their hands or their eyes to do so. Voice commands allow users to control their smartphones while exercising, driving, or performing any daily routine task.

10. Retro Fonts:

During the last few years, retro serifs and alpine typefaces on websites have increased. As a result, the design has a rustic and antiquated appearance and feel to it. On their websites and social media networks and for branding purposes, numerous firms will follow this trend in 2020.


New trends and technologies are constantly emerging in the online world. It is crucial to stay ahead of them if you want your website or app’s UX to improve, meet user demands and expectations, and remain competitive with other websites/apps in the industry.

We’re Krify, and we know that great design is only one part of a successful website. That’s why our skillfully-trained team of designers works to create websites that not only look good but also convert your visitors into customers. But with our services, all you need to do is point us towards what matters most to your business and let us worry about the rest. Contact us today if you want an expert opinion on how the newest designs will affect your company’s success online.


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