How to Develop a Dating App like Bumble?

People used to meet new people and discover their matches through friends or friends of friends in the old days, especially young people. However, the easiest way to find somebody is now right on their phones with the advancement of technology and the amount of time individuals spend on their smartphones. As many dating apps came into existence, it became easy for people to find their perfect match.

When we talk about the best dating app, Bumble comes into the picture. As it provides a lot of features and many advantages that other dating apps can’t. If you are having an idea of developing a dating app similar to Bumble and want to know how to make it possible, then this blog is for you. Before developing any application it’s very important to have a clear idea about the features that need to be included in it. So, now let us go deep to understand the features of dating apps like Bumble.

Features That Need To Be Considered While Developing a Dating App Similar to Bumble

Bumble offers a BFF mode for making platonic friends and a Bizz mode for individuals wishing to network in addition to matching singles looking to date. Let’s see the features of Bumble.

1. Sign In/Sign Up 

Bumble allows users to Sing In/ Sign Up through Facebook or a phone number. This process is simple but this app will not allow users to into the app until and unless they provide a clear picture of their although they register to the app. Bumble is doing this to make sure there are no fake registrations in the app.

2. Profile Creation

Users will be asked to create a profile after they sign up for the app. Here they will be allowed to add up to 6 pictures of themselves, their age, gender, location, interests, and many other things. This will help the app in showing the best mache for them. 

3. Feed 

Where users will see the profiles of different people based on the filters they applied while creating the app. Users will be able to see all the details of the profile in this section itself. Users swipe a profile of other users to the left or right to show their interest. Swiping a profile to the left shows you are not interested in the profile shown and swiping a profile to the right you are interested in the profile shown.

4. Time Limits 

Bumble sets a time limit for communicating with someone. Either of the parties starts conversion or messaging within 24 hours after one of them shows interest in another profile. This is one of the best features of Bumble. 

5. Spotlight 

Spotlight is a special and premium feature that moves your profile to the top of the stack so that more people will be able to see it immediately after they open the app. This will help you in reaching more people and increase the chance you finding the right person easily.

6. Video Chat 

Before meeting someone in person, a video chat can be an excellent method to get to know them better. Bumble allows you to video chat with someone with whom you are interested. When you call, your match will see it and have the option to accept or reject it. If they miss your call, don’t worry. They will be notified that you called, making it simple for them to contact you again.

7. SuperSwipe 

You can express your strong interest in a suitable match with the premium function SuperSwipe. Once you SuperSwipe on someone’s profile they will be notified that you are showing more interest in their profile. 

8. Job Search

Through Bumble Bizz users will be allowed to improve their network. So, that they can connect to professionals to share their profile, interests, and other things to get the job or to change the job.


Above mentioned are the top features that any best dating app should have. Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are many other features in Bumble that you will love to add to your dating app. So, contact the best app development company like Krify to know more about dating apps and their development process. 

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