Consider-these-features-while-developing-android-or-iOS eCommerce Mobile App

Consider These Features While Developing Android Or iOS eCommerce Mobile App

With many consumers becoming technologically adept, eCommerce applications have transformed lifestyle choices. eCommerce apps are mobile applications made specifically for mobile devices to make shopping more simple, convenient, and pleasurable. eCommerce applications are ruling the world of shopping these days. 

If you are thinking to develop an eCommerce application, it is not an easy task to go into the market as there is a lot of competition. Here comes the question, how to be on top of all the competitors? The answer to this is developing the best and most user-friendly eCommerce application with top features. So, let’s see the top features that should be included while developing an Android or iOS eCommerce mobile app.

Features While Developing Android Or iOS eCommerce Mobile App

Simple Login and Registration 

A quick and easy registration or signup process is usually attractive to customers. Allowing customers to log in via email, phone numbers with OTP and even third-party accounts like Google and Facebook will simplify the registration procedure. The customer is pleased when there is a simple entry point to the online store. Less users will leave the app and more purchases are generated when entry to the app is simple.

Search Options 

This function is designed for online shops with a significant product selection. This will ensure that users can easily find what they’re looking for. Add advanced search features like sorting and filtering. Reduce the number of steps a customer must take to locate a product without looking through the entire store. This will undoubtedly boost conversion rates and provide satisfied customers. A rise in returning customers and brand loyalty will increase the number of customers. 

Detailed Product Description 

Giving the belief and attractive product descriptions and pictures are sufficient to pull in potential customers. Who, after all, has the time to read lengthy texts on their cell phones? No matter the platform, descriptions are important. But the clear product description will lower the chance of impulsive purchases, client dissatisfaction, and product returns. 


One of the key components you need to have in your mobile eCommerce app is a wishlist. Customers who are browsing can add their favorite products here. Even after purchasing some of the items on their wishlists, buyers frequently return to them. This encourages consumer loyalty and enhances customer return visits. Customers enjoy adding things to their shopping carts without really purchasing them. Retailers can use the wishlist as information to remind customers and suggest products, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Payment Gateway

Because different payment methods are preferred by different people, the eCommerce payment environment has grown to be highly diversified. Now, a few payment alternatives would not be sufficient. If your eCommerce web store serves customers from several countries, the payment provider should also offer many currencies and international transactions.

Push Notifications

Push notifications will inform customers of new product updates, back-in-stock saved goods, hot flash sales, tailored marketing efforts, and many other things. The secret to communication between your brand and the customers is in these small yet powerful nudges. 


The above-mentioned features will boost the eCommerce application. If you are in an idea to develop an eCommerce Android and iOS application then you need to consider the above-mentioned features. Also, its never been an easy task to develop an eCommerce app by yourself. So, it’s always a good idea to approach an app development company. 

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