Develop Social Networking App Similar To Mocospace

In today’s environment, everyone has a full schedule and people are finding new ways to have fun. As a result, they started to enjoy socializing themself more than doing any other type of work. Since it is a global community that draws individuals together. Also, a study says individuals spend more than 2 hours a day on social networking apps. So, competition for developing a social networking app has increased. 

If you are willing to develop a social network app that rules the market by overcoming the competition then you need to develop a social networking app similar to MocoSpace. As it has many unique features that other apps do not possess. Let us see more about MocoSpace.

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What is MocoSpace?

In order to expand the mobile social network’s user base, MocoSpace has released its first mobile applications for iPhone and iPod as well as Google’s Android smartphones. It can also be accessed through a mobile web browser. 

Finding friends, sharing photographs, and chatting are just a few of the prominent elements that the MocoSpace application is built around as they are most important for the people using this app to communicate. Also, MocoSpace will enable some free and paid features. Its primary means of earning is ads. 

Features of MocoSpace

1. Networking

Users will be allowed to start networking by connecting with people all around the world and start sharing their thoughts, pictures, and other things. 

2. Live Streaming 

Live streaming is a feature that attacks many users who use this app. Users will be able to watch live streams from other users and they can also live stream to earn money. 

3. In-app Chatting

It allows people to do public, private, or group chats. So, users will get to other users’ interests. Also, they can share pictures, videos, documents, and other things by using this feature. 

4. Games 

This app provides many games. The best part here is that the user can play the games in the app itself without downloading them. The user will also have a chance to earn gold and other things, by using which users will be able to buy and send gifts to their friends in the app.

5. News Feed

In this feed section, the user will be able to see Live streams, birthdays, profiles of other users, and many other things. You can also comment, like, or gift to the other users if you like their photos.

6. Push Notifications 

Because of this, the user will get notifications for new chat messages, new friend requests, inbox messages, and Live streams.

7. Ads 

This app will display different ads and those ads may be very useful to the user if they are also looking for something shown in the ads. Also, users can remove those ads, if they don’t like to have them by becoming a VIP member. 

8. Search Filters 

Users can search for other users by using different filters like location, gender, age, and many other things. This makes the job of the user to find others easy. 


This app provides many unique features along with the regular features that many social networking channels provide. Above mentioned features are only some features that MocoSpace provides. If you are willing to develop a social networking app like MocoSpace and want to know more features of it along with its development process contact Krify.

Krify can make the best social networking applications as it has a team of experts and has always been the most trusted company for the creation of mobile and web applications. Our first objective is customer happiness, and we do it by developing applications with high conversion rates. Contact us right away to find out more about how we can support you in putting your ideas into action.

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