Top Features to include in Android App Development

Top Features to Include in Android App Development

Best android app development features can get traffic to your website by a mobile app. There is a high demand for Android app development company in the market because android apps have more than 75% market shares. There is no doubt that Android app development company India is increasing revenue for your business by designing your apps with top features of android app development. However, an Android app development company should focus on key features to integrate with your android app. 

Every time Android apps come up with new features, these Android app development companies should choose the best features to include in the android app. These key features should be user-friendly at the same time that features should fulfill your business requirements. Now you’re going to read the top features of android app development with business requirements features to consider for your Android app.

Android App Development Features

Below mentioned features are key features to integrate with your android app to design and build your Android app. 

1. Simple UI ( user interface ):

Android app user interface should be simple and user-friendly with a good touch, and also creating a shortcut for the main function will be an advantage. 

2. Easy Sign-Up Page:

The log-in or registration page should be as simple as possible. This android app development feature should be designed with simple fields like Name, Email Id, and mobile number, especially in on-demand apps.

3. High Loading Speed

The most awaited time is to skip the loading page. The android app should not take more than 10 seconds to load a page. So make sure that the page should have a fast loading, and page response should be high, and functions should work well whenever the user clicks on the page.

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4. Integration of Social Media Apps:

Everyone uses a mobile app to gain profits and traffic to their website. To promote these android apps, they use social media platforms. Here not only for the promotions and also for the updates and new arrivals also. So social media integration is one of the top features of android app development.

5. Best Payment Integration:

E-commerce apps and Task Rabbit Clone apps have high demand due to their best services and features. These apps integrate with the payment gateway method for all the transactions without using other tools. This is the best feature to include in Android app because users like this feature.

 6. Cloud Computing:

These are key features to integrate with your android app because by this feature, you can create apps like messaging apps, this feature can boost your app performance.

 7. Feedback Feature: 

At regular intervals, you can evaluate your app performance by adding a feedback feature to your app. You can improve app functionalities and encourage people to send feedback, which can lead others to spend their time in your app.

 8. Offline Mode:

It’s impossible to have an internet connection every time, so it is better to make sure that the app can navigate without an internet connection. Users love this feature also. This is one of the best features to include in android app.

9. Supporting Multiple Languages:

Based on your targeted customers or audience, an android app development company can develop such a great feature like supporting many international languages of French, Spanish, German, etc. 


To get your best Android app, you should include key features in your android app as mentioned above. Make sure that your app should be efficient so, it is better to get an app from a top android app development company.  krify company’s team will give support and maintenance. Krify is one of the best android app development company with a team of excellent developers. You can build your best android app with key features to integrate with your android app, so don’t miss the chance. Contact us for the best android app with the top features of android app development.


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