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A ready solution available for the users to hire service from different service providers

    What is Taskrabbit?

    TaskRabbit is a platform built for freelancers or service providers to showcase their services and reach many customers on location-based to provide the services. The app allows the users to search for the services they are looking to hire some professional service providers who can provide different services such as electrical installations, plumbing work, home repairs, mowing, pet take care etc.

    Ready Clone of Taskrabbit for your tasks

    More reliable

    Quick and easy user interface

    Wide range of services at one click

    Hassle-free booking option available

    Our Ready solution of TaskRabbit clone is opensource software which is an on-demand marketplace solution that supports both android and iOS mobile devices. For Entrepreneurs, it is a worth application that helps them to provide services to multiple users with a wide range of services. So, if you are planning to have a readily available TaskRabbit script, you are on the right page.

    Features of Taskrabbit clone script



    The users and the service providers are provided with an easily accessible dashboard, once completed with the sign-up or registration process.


    Post a job and hire professional

    Users can post the service they are looking for and the service providers reach out to them in a professional way.


    Add services

    The services provided by different service providers would be added, in order to make the user aware of the available services.



    Once the user is registered and selects the service from the service provider, an SMS or email notification is sent to the service provider.


    Fund release

    Once the service is received by the user, the amount charged for the service is paid to the service provider.


    Multi-vendor support

    Our ready TaskRabbit clone script supports multiple vendors so that different service providers offering different services can be added.


    Choose the best service provider

    As per the other user’s ratings and reviews, we can choose the best service provider who meets our need


    Refund of charges

    If a user is unsatisfied with the service providers servicing, then he/she can go and raise a complaint against the service provider, which will be verified by admin and if found genuine, the amount will be reversed to the users.


    Messaging activity

    Once the service is booked by the user, he/she can send a message to the service provider.


    Rating and review

    The users or the customers can share their rating and reviews on the service received by the service provider.

    Exclusive modules in the TaskRabbit script

    • The users can register and mention their location in order to get the service from the service providers
    • After the registration process, the users can book the service they are seeking to get from the service provider
    • Once confirmed with the service, the user will get a notification mentioning like accepted your job, started your job, completed your job and requested payment
    • The user will receive the tracking information where exactly is the service provider.
    • Once done with the service, the user can pay the service provider through debit or credit card and PayPal
    • The service provider can sign up and showcase the services provided by him
    • Once done with the signup, he/she needs to complete the demographics details, the service offered, the charges, their availability etc.
    • Every time any user seeks the service from the service provider, a notification is sent to the service provider.
    • After the completion of service, the service provider can
    • Admin can manage and maintain the activities between the service provider and the users.
    • They receive the feedback and complaints from the users and make decisions upon it.
    • The transactions made by the users to the service providers are monitored by the admin.
    • Any updates to the service provider or the user will be notified by the admin.

    Taskrabbit clone app screens

    Technologies used in the TaskRabbit clone app

    The technologies that supported successful taskrabbit app development are as follows:


    Why choose krify Task Rabbit clone?

    Our task rabbit clone you with the chance to experience:

    White-labelled product

    Easily scalable

    Access to source code

    Free installation

    Taskrabbit white label product for different business domains

    Various business verticals can make use of TaskRabbit clone script to extend their service.

    Travel Agents
    TV repair technician
    Road Assistance
    Party Cleaning
    Massage therapist
    Lawn mower


    Some of the benefits of TaskRabbit clone app are as follows:

    • Fast and easy reach to customers seeking assistance.
    • Receive the payments instantly once done with providing the service.
    • Flexibility over Android and iOS devices

    It depends on the technology stack used in the development, as well as the numbers of developers involved in building the app from the scratch.

    Yes, we do customize the application as per the client’s requirement, but there are additional charges applied for the customization.

    Yes, of course, we do provide the technical support unless there isn’t any modification done with the code.