Top 10 features of eCommerce Mobile App

Top 10 Features of eCommerce Mobile App

eCommerce is a business model that allows businesses and individuals to purchase and sell products over the internet. 75% of the world’s eCommerce business is going online. This network enables individuals to do business without distance and time constraints.

These days eCommerce mobile app development became the trend as mobile apps deliver advanced speed, comfort, and usability. The number of mobile solutions directed by the need to meet customer needs, so the eCommerce sector is seeing the most critical growth. It’s a lot easier for people to shop online than to go to stores and for feedback and price comparisons, even those who go to stores use smartphone apps. So it’s accurate to say that eCommerce apps are everywhere.

Now let us go deeper and understand the eCommerce mobile app features.

Top 10 Features of eCommerce Mobile App:

  1.  Easy registration process:
    The method of registration should be as simple as possible. As individuals may not prefer an app that asks for more information, because asking for too much information in the registration form may annoy the visitors. So for registration, avoid asking for too much data.

  2. Simple Navigation:
    Navigation plays a crucial role in eCommerce mobile app development. The most important thing to consider is content and screen size in eCommerce. Since there is limited room for mobile display screens, it is important to ensure that your app and its content do not appear crammed up on the device. So it is important to design a clean and uncluttered interface. It should provide smooth navigation most impressively and show your brand or product. The best approach is a responsive design, which automatically blends into every screen size and resolution and gives an immersive experience.

  3. Feedback:
    It is important to provide a way for users to have input on your app. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a button or a connection to open an email; the important thing is that you have a fast way for your users to report bugs and provide feedback or criticism. Users would enjoy knowing that you are open to their feedback and that the future of your app will be influenced by their input.

  4. Social media login:
    To allow your customers to use their social media logins to sign in to the mobile app (and keep them signed in), use Facebook Connect or another single sign-on technology solution and still send them a way to get their username/password or remind them of the social network they were using before the app was set up.

  5. Include Analytics:
    Integrating analytics into your mobile app is one main component of every E-Commerce mobile app. A small organization must be able to monitor and classify the interactions and behavior of its customers. Tracking the position of a user is different from monitoring and evaluating their experience. The details collected will only help foster better updates.

  6. Multiple payment options:
    At the time of check-out, it is very important to offer a client several payment choices to choose from. Try to implement convenient, reliable, popular, and hassle-free payment options for a hassle-free checkout.

  7. Push Notifications:
    Without any hard work involved, push notifications are the coolest, quickest, and most successful way to engage users and get them back to your shop. Experts also found that push alerts, such as text messages or emails, are likely to receive more responses than any other type of promotion. You can advertise your new arrivals, coupon deals, or simply give a discount on items with push alerts left in the cart. Such alerts encourage instant action. This functionality can be combined with analytics to see a major revenue increase in no time.

  8. Have fewer clicks:
    When you ask users to fill out forms, sign in, or register, avoid getting too many clicks or tabs from the design of the app. Because it may trigger the user inconvenience if it takes too many clicks to do any action or to see some necessary details. Which may result in the user not coming back and using the app.

  9. Offline Capabilities:
    If an app is completely unusable only because it has a poor signal, it will disappoint the user. Try to build in content or interactivity that does not depend on wireless signals. That may help the user have a good experience although they are online or offline.

  10. Wishlist button:
    The wishlist button is one of the most important features for which users are looking for nowadays. Because eCommerce apps will have lots of products and it will be difficult for the user to find the same product again once they close the app.

There are a lot of other eCommerce mobile app development features available. These features will make your mobile eCommerce more user friendly. For having the best eCommerce mobile with all the best features, it is better to consult an eCommerce mobile app development company.
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