7 Reasons to Develop Your Website in Bootstrap

7 Reasons to Develop Your Website in Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open-source, free CSS framework for responsive, mobile-first front-end web creation. It includes the design templates based on CSS and JavaScript for typography, shapes, buttons, navigation and other components of the interface. For any web development project, bootstrap proves to showcase many benefits, when developed from scratch. If you are new to bootstrap as a web designer or web developer, we have put forward some of the best reasons to develop a website in bootstrap for a remarkable web design.

Reasons to Develop your Website in Bootstrap

  1. Easy to use:
    Bootstrap is an extremely simple and speedy process. The bootstrap is also very adaptable. You may use Bootstrap with CSS, or LESS, or with Sass as well.
  2. Responsiveness:
    You will identify the number of spots in the grid structure you want each column to participate in by using ready-made Bootstrap classes. Only then you will decide for which point you want your columns to be loaded in the horizontal place, instead of being correctly displayed on mobile devices vertically.
  3. Customizable:
    It is possible to configure the bootstrap as per your project designs. Web developers can choose to pick the appropriate aspects that can be simply completed by using Bootstrap Customize Tab. All you need to tick off all the elements you don’t need, such as Popular CSS: typography, code, grid system, tables, buttons, shapes, types of print media and more.
  4. Packed Javascript Components:
    Bootstrap uses a collection of JavaScript modules to include features, which can easily manage items like tooltips, modal windows, warnings, and more. You can also completely leave out the scripts for publishing.
  5. Simple integration:
    Bootstrap, along with various other systems and frameworks, can easily be integrated on existing sites and new ones as well. You can use basic Bootstrap elements along with your current CSS as well.
  6. Pre-styled components:
    With pre-styled modules, bootstrap approaches to alerts, dropdowns, navbars etc. Therefore, bootstrap provides many benefits of using it, being a feature-rich one.
  7. Support:
    Bootstrap has a broad support group. If there is a problem, you can be supported. The developers keep bootstrap updated at all times. Bootstrap, along with more than 9,000 commits, and more than 500 contributors, is currently hosted, extended, and maintained on the GitHub.


It is always beneficial to develop a responsive website, rather go with a simple non-responsive website. So, it is recommended to acknowledge the above-discussed reasons and go for a website developed in bootstrap.

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