Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

We have significant experience with smartphones and mobile applications in our daily lives. Starting from getting up in the morning until at night when we go to bed, the smartphone plays an important role. Whether it is an alarm, reading news, checking emails, watching videos, updates status in work and even in personals too etc. everything is executed from mobile apps. According to research, nearly 2.1 billion people own smartphones. The use of mobile applications will not stop, but rather it is going to increase in the coming year 2021. In this blog, we are going to speak about mobile application development trends in 2021.

Mobile app development trends 2021:

  1. AMP – Accelerated mobile pages:  It has been four years since google working on AMP. Google announced that there would be a separate search index for the mobile web. AMP supports web applications that load much faster and reduces bounce rate by more percentage in mobiles. It benefits publishers with high ad visibility and more visitors. So along with advanced web applications, Accelerated mobile pages will be top mobile app development trends 2021. 
  2. Cloud-driven mobile applications: We see powerful mobile apps that fetch data directly from the cloud and take less space in the mobile’s internal memory. We all know the cloud-based technologies applications such as google drive, one drive, dropbox. According to the Cisco report, cloud apps drive 90% of total mobile data traffic at the end of 2019. No doubt it is going to increase in 2021.
  3. Security apps: 75 percent of apps are not even passing the security test, and HP study states that 70.6% of apps can access external storage & 94.7% apps contain logging methods. Hackers will continue to exploit the known gaps in apps for confidential info and stealing sensitive data. Javascript frameworks can help to build a secured application. The level of security would be a Mobile app development trend in 2021.
  4. Wearable technology: The market of wearable devices experiences a composite growth rate of 20 % may lead to 213 million units shipped in 2020. These devices are beyond restricting not only to the healthcare industry but also other sectors. We have astounding wearable devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc.
  5. M-commerce: We already got used to debit and credit cards for shopping through apple pay and google pay. Wearable devices are also shoving Mcommerce and making the process intuitive for people. Beyond data collections and predictive analytics, m-commerce is the primary role in customer loyalty.
  6. AR & VR: AR and VR based are not new ones for us to hear. In 2017, they revolutionised in the entertainment and games industry. Games such as sky siege, myNav, iOn road, Pokemon Go gained popularity. But these technologies are not only limited in the gaming industry but also extended to other sectors too such as real estate, security, health, industrial maintenance, security etc. one such example in AR in the security industry is the use of smart glasses. Police use these smart glasses to identify the suspects. These smart glasses have a face recognition system. For sure, this is one current trending mobile app development in 2021.
  7. Internet of Things: Multiple devices connecting at home has been increasing, which is opening the path for IoT. IoT is the network of connecting the devices on the internet. Smart home technology is an example of IoT. Various devices at home are connected on the net and can operate through mobile devices. You can unlock/lock doors, connect the security systems & refrigerators. We are just using a partial view in IoT. We can see more advance in 2021.
  8. Beacons and Location-based services: Beacons are devices that emit Bluetooth low energy radio signals that smartphones can sense in most cases and responses to it. Stores can take advantage of this technology and send offers and information to customers that walk into the store through the app.
  9. Chatbots: Chatbots are one of the top mobile app development trends in 2020, and it continues to scale up in 2021. Chatbots give interactive conversational experience even when we are not present. Examples are Google, Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby and other types of chatbots you can find on web apps and websites of any businesses. 
  10. 5G technology: We heard about the talkies on 5g technology globally. It is one most of mobile app development trends in 2021 and awaited one. 5G will be one hundred times faster than 4G technology that we are using. It is suitable for apps that use technologies such as 4k video streaming, AR and VR. So, coders can use 5G to create designs & features that improve the digital performance of various industries.

We have a few other mobile app development trends in the increasing digitalised world. Mobile applications are most trailblazing, and with each software update and product, the version may support new technologies. That doesn’t mean, you should attract to use mobile app development trends but plump for technology cleverly for your business. New technologies may tempt us but taking the decision wisely is essential for your business because it can affect the storage capacity, computing power and network bandwidth. Choosing the right technical knowledge and experienced mobile app development company would be great. For better consultation, contact us.

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