5 Must-have Features of Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management systems become highly digital based on distributors and manufacturers to automate warehouse movements to start tracking inventory and improve the performance of a uniform and efficient technique for the correct flow of stocks. WMS helps to lead or validate every step by tracking and recording inventory movement, from managing large and small warehouse operations (including inspection, acquisition, acceptance, postponement to pick, packaging, order assembly, or shipping).
WMS enables warehouse employees to keep up with day-to-day activities and work effectively to reach the intended goals. Warehouse management features can enhance work productivity by enabling visibility in real-time stocks, increasing warehouse accuracy, and reducing stock risks.

Features of the warehouse management system

1.Seamless Integration with ERP system: When data in WMS is integrated with your ERP, it expedites the process and facilitates accuracy and real-time data tracking across the organization. It ensures that the entire information is stored on a single platform and is synchronized well with other departments. If the sales team is not well acquainted with the warehouse management system, they cannot effectively update their customers regarding the order. To ensure that staff members and other departments are not kept out of the loop and have an unclear picture of the supply chain, WMS should be integrated well with the ERP platform.

2.Reduction of costs by optimizing resources: WMS removes the unnecessary put-out and assists warehouse personnel in electronically managing distribution, procurement, or other duties. Employees can still, anywhere, capture, record, and access the data list. No errors and no costs. Everything is done on time by the appropriate person with a superb warehouse management system! This is a strong digital solution that enables you to plan and balance the number of orders, monitor the outcome, streamline picking and shipping, help warehouse managers set labor requirements, and ensure that everyday business is completed on time and with the highest precision.

3.Access anywhere, anytime mobile deployment: This technology-driven society has flexible hours for employees traveling overseas and needs rapid access to data in warehouses, meetings, and conferences. An ideal warehouse system is equipped with a mobile interface that allows easy access via handheld devices. It enables managers to establish authority, check the list of orders, raw materials, finished products, and follow the inventory on the go. The data is automatically updated to the ERP system by updating it on the web-enabled and mobile-friendly WMS. This enables clarity between departments and provides qualified people to take the jump in the future with real-time inventory consumption and visibility. Field workers can make reports online, log any transactions and manage their everyday tasks.

4.Paperless Process: Needlessly lengthy and wasteful are the transactions relying on paper. WMS system removes processing paper form by providing conveniently accessible capabilities to reduce the time-consuming activity of warehouse transfers. Every detail is referenced in the web-enabled and mobile application, saving time, effort and promoting real-time product tracking.

5.Inbound and Outbound Flow of Inventory: To allow the required departments to process something, the firm needs to keep a record and a list of items received. In recent years, the scenario of entry and exit movements has changed. Each transaction is electronically captured, and operations are automated and powered by the most advanced software systems. WMS is built particularly for seamless bin management. The elegant UI can be adapted to the device size and orientation automatically with its reactive screens.


A Warehouse Management System is an application that is web-based and mobile-friendly to assure data accuracy, improve decision making, simplify and standardize daily warehouse operations by giving comprehensive functionality.

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