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Types of Push Notifications that Enhance Your Business

A mobile app can help you expand and gain loyal online clients easily. One of the advantages of mobile apps is push notifications that give consumers a friendly boost to remember your brand. In this blog, we review the different types of push reports that might satisfy your company goals and engage your audience. However, we first grasp what a push notification is before advancing to push notification types.

What is Push Notification?

Push Notifications are pop-up clickables that appear on your users’ browsers regardless of their device or browser. They act as a quick communication means that organizations may provide their customers with messages, offers, and other information. Subscribers can be in the browser everywhere and still receive notifications as long as their devices are online or their browsers are operating.

Types of Mobile App Push Notifications

1.Geolocation notifications: Upon entering or leaving a location, an app might give users a basic push notification. Geolocation notifications allow you to build virtual perimeters over certain locations so that an app can send all users in these fields push notifications. Geolocation notifications are excellent for notifications of date matches, finding shops, building food and drinks, or hotel and travel applications.

2.Catch-up notifications: To inspire users to collect or re-engage reports. For instance, the app can praise users on their accomplishments if they accomplish particular tasks in an application to enhance their lives somehow. Fitness apps, eCommerce applications, online shops and marketplaces, music apps, and many more applications are also available with catch-up notices. This push notification execution might remind you to run an application and keep it active once you’ve left.

3.Promotional notifications: Push notifications inform consumers of exclusive offers, donations, or bargains. This encourages users to purchase through promotional notifications. In travel apps, for example, users can create personal notices on dates and places for agreements. Users will then be alerted when the price decreases to a point for particular dates or destinations. Promotional notices inspire people to do what they want.

4.Recurrent push notifications: Only once at a certain day and time are recurrent push notifications issued to users. For instance, regular push notifications may be delivered monthly or weekly to highlight publishing picks. These push notices are suitable for e-commerce, educational, and book applications.

5.Order push notifications: Another approach to add value for users is by sending order alerts. These notices alert customers to what is happening with their orders. They contain information such as confirmation of the order.

6.Trivia push notifications: Trivia alerts are designed to deliver people some amusing, hilarious messages with affection. These are clever and showy notifications. BuzzFeed News is a wonderful illustration of how creative push notifications are produced. More often, news applications send notifications repeating the headline of the item. But the aim is to be distinctive and remarkable push notifications.

7.Informative push notifications: Informative push notifications are ideally suited for fitness apps, employment portals, apps for education, travel, or taxi apps, as well as for social and messaging applications. For example,  Fitness Athlete enables users to establish a weekly workout routine and know when the time is right.


Push notifications can deliver direct messages to your browser, expand your online reach without having to strive to take information through a lead form, and allow you to connect to your subscribers with a single click easily. We hope that the above information and this advice will help you build an efficient push notification strategy for your enterprise.

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