Top 10 Features That Make your Android App Great

Today’s world tends to be ruled by applications. If people engage with anything, then an app will probably be available to them. Well-designed applications are visual and make you want to use them, yet poorly designed apps are frustrating and not do what we want. Though certain elements such as usability, functionality, and layout aid users, the features, either the lack of expected ones or the misuse of those available, are most complaining about problems with apps.

Some corporate mobile app designs are incredibly useful, practical, straightforward, and downright entertaining to use. Others are frustrating, uninteresting, or almost useless. What distinguishes them? When it comes to mobile applications, what features and app design components distinguish them? In this blog, we will go over the android app features aspects that are necessary for creating a mobile app that is well-liked by users.

Android app development features list.

1.Flexibility: There are three basic mobile OS – iOS, Android, and Windows. Each of these platforms must be ready to receive the fullest out of your application. Android apps are simple to post to the PlayStore, while Apple must approve iOS apps before being sold on the App Store. Although the coding does not have to be different, you may be dealing with differing screen sizes and resolutions, therefore testing both systems before uploading.

2.Simplicity: Many users have short attention periods, and they will quickly lose interest if your application is tough to navigate. If your customer cannot swiftly and easily access the information, they are frustrated and then do so alternatively – potentially using a competing app. Clear, uncomplicated screens with obvious results will improve the customer experience to the next stage in the application process and encourage them to continue to use this without ambiguous results.

3.Push notifications: Push notifications can be a text, a graph, or a mixture of both, easier to deliver than emails, and less likely to land up in a spam folder. Relevant and custom push messages are far better than unrequested communications as they are focused exclusively on the specific user and are likely to be of concern.

4.Search options: This is something that many people use, but many apps lack this vital functionality. It sounds simple. While it’s not going to work so much for game-based applications, this is necessary for business and social diversity—the ability to search the app or the Internet.

5.Security: The safety of the Web is growing, and the same goes for your application. Security is an essential need for many applications which store personal and sensitive data or details of credit and debit cards. Hackers can try placing malware into applications and devices to access data and lock passcodes, collect sensitive information via the network, steal identity theft or fraud from customer information, and take private commercial assets. All these potential problems mean your app security should be waterproof instead of something you think about afterward

6.Speed: Speedy screens are important to display. Nobody loves to wait, especially if they only need to stare at a symbol to load the screen and this dissatisfaction quickly leads to a boring decision to look for anything better. Speed is a suitable set of graphs and does not catch enormous tables and databases. Keep it easy and keep it fast.

7.Good image resolution: Since you need to combine app speed with usefulness and resolution, you must make sure what you have on your screen is detailed enough to make the user’s experience worthwhile. We’ve long gone beyond blocked visuals and today’s users want hi-definition and 16 million colours. Everything less is going to restrict your app sales.

8.Bright and bold color schemes: Basics such as colour capture systems will attract your clients. Pay attention to the additional colors of the color wheel regularly, and you finish with an application that is simultaneously attractive and professional.

9.Updates: Once your feedback is available, you may decide how your app becomes more customer-relevant and update it on a regular basis. This implies that you have a superior product and that you can react to security problems as they occur. Updates keep your application fresh and let the user know more about what they want.

10.User feedback: Though you want to do the perfect app for the first time, it will always be other ways to improve and fit the user. The user him. Feedback is a wonderful opportunity for your clients to tell you what they want and filter that feedback in terms of what must be added or removed, what can be done with a little work, and what can be ignored. You can inform the customer what they believe would make it better by adding a feedback button on the app.


You can see that a great deal is needed to make a remarkable mobile app that users love. Most companies find that a professional developer is more suitable for the job than the mobile application development agencies in their company. The app structure and user happiness should be taken into mind with the innovative, friendly, easy app. It helps to meet end-user demands and requirements.

At Krify, we have a team of professionals who are well versed with the latest technologies and deploy robust mobile and web applications based on the requirements shared by the clients. If you are looking for top mobile app features development, you are on the right page. For more information, contact us.


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