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Top Backend Development Agency in UK

What is Backend Development?

In web development, developers from a top backend development agency, write code that communicates between the browser and the database.

Web development is divided into two parts: frontend and backend. The frontend consists of all the logic that makes things happen, such as processing data; meanwhile, the backend is all that a user sees, like designs and graphics.

Krify is a top Backend web development agency in UK. The most common example of Backend programming is when you have gone through an article on a blog. Fonts, colors, designs, and other such things constitute the front end of this page. To get meaningful content onto the page, we need a backend server to do that though.

Development Steps by Top Backend Development Agency in UK

Krify is a leading backend development agency in UK, We help you meet your business goals with custom solutions beginning with Research and Analysis, which helps us gain an understanding of the requirements. Krify successfully has met demands from various industries by developing for clients to meet expectations. You can also find Krify as a Custom Backend Development agency as we provide custom web and app services.

1. Gathering Information:

The process to create a web application starts by analyzing the project deeply and gathering requirements from clients.

2. Design:

We create user-friendly interfaces using eye-catching design elements that are pleasing to the end-user.

3. Development:

Web application development is the process of following a strict routine of project management and input from developers that starts with coding.

4. Testing:

Identifying an error early allows the team to prevent costs from high investments. We have a rigorous process for performing checks on every element in the preparation of the product.

5. Deployment:

As the best backend development agency in UK, we always make sure everything is well before deploying it to a staging server, ensuring there are no issues.

6. Support & Maintenance:

All web-based businesses have maintenance and updates that often need to be implemented. Services cover any upkeep or technical support requirements that are requested by the client.

Mobile app service

Reasons to Choose Top Backend Development Agency in UK

1. The quickness of Development:

One of the main benefits to BaaS is efficiency in development or productivity gains. Developing an app can be a time-consuming process, so with a service like a backend as a service, developers have more time and are able to focus on building out their app by not having to build everything from scratch.

2. Lessened Visit Market Hours:

Reducing time to market plays an important role in organizations of any size. Multiple trials can be conducted simultaneously and implementations scaled up incrementally, reducing investment and risk for any new trial. A Backend as a Service will simplify the development process and deliver ready-to-use digital products or services.

3. Price:

However, because of the emergence of BaaS – mobile application development has become more cost-effective than ever before. Application development costs significantly less as all structural programming is already done for you by the BaaS provider while still providing your business with ample opportunities to mold and shape its app to suit your specific needs. The ultimate in customer satisfaction without unreachable prices.

4. Concentrate on your Company’s Primary Businesses:

One of the greatest benefits of using mobile backend as a service is to focus on core business operations. Neglecting this important part can lead to other problems, with costly implications.

5. Better Results in a Shorter Period of Time:

Running an application online is challenging and requires many pieces of work to complete. Managing all these aspects manually can be quite difficult, which impacts the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of your application. BaaS offers a helpful solution that allows you to manage everything seamlessly without bothering you at all resulting in better outputs with less time spent.


Krify is the top Backend development agency in UK, serving clients from all across the country. Providing services to enterprise clients from all across the nation. We are renowned for our work in Ilford and Essex as a top backend development agency in Ilford, top backend development agency in Essex, and many other cities that encompass a range of industries. For more information, please contact us.


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