Top 10 features of a car parking app

Top 10 Features for Car Parking App Development

It can be difficult to find parking in big cities, which is a common problem that many drivers face every day. Luckily there are now apps that can help you solve the problem. A car parking app development is a new way to help those who are struggling with the challenge of finding a place to park their vehicle. It’s easy and convenient, just like using an app on your smartphone. These apps allow you to input where you want your car parked, and they will tell you what space is available for purchase at that time. This helps eliminate the need for circling blocks in search of the perfect spot. Developers can also create custom features such as virtual money and rewards points so users can save on parking costs or enjoy some fun extras while they’re out shopping or dining. 

Krify is a top Car parking app development company that has the solutions to your parking woes. Whether it’s finding a space, paying for parking, or remotely leaving your car in a safe place, Krify, being the best android app development company, can help you with all of these challenges. We have a team of skilled developers who can assist you with the best features of a car parking app.

Top 10 Features of Car Parking App

Car parking apps are an innovation that is set to become the new way of navigating car parks. These apps help you find available car spaces, help you with time left to vacate the spot, and make payments online. Below are some of the Parking app development features:

1. Sign up:

The sign-up option is made available to both the owner, who seems to have available parking space and the driver, who is looking for a place to park their vehicle. The admin will monitor the type of user when dealing with the owner and driver.

2. Slot Availability:

The owner must specify his or her location and address, as well as the parking fees. The fees vary based on the length of time users park.

3. Parking now or later:

The driver or user who wishes to park the car at that time must specify the duration of parking; if he wishes to reserve the slot for future usage, he may do so.

4. Manage users:

The admin was able to manage the users via the app, which allows him to keep track of the number of users, their transactions, history, the payment received, and many other details.

5. Multilingual support:

Users can be from different locations with different regional languages, and the app is multilingual support.

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6. Heat map:

In real-time, the application will display the busiest routes. Users can make booking selections based on this information.

7. Notification:

When the driver or user books a parking space, the owner receives a message with the user’s vehicle number and driver information.

8. Make a payment:

The user who wishes to reserve a parking space must submit his credit card information, vehicle identification number, and the duration of time the vehicle will be parked. Following confirmation, the user can make a payment to the owner.

9. Checkout:

After parking for the allotted period, the user can exit the app; otherwise, he may receive a notification if the time exceeds the allotted space.

10. Rating and review:

The driver can rate the parking location and leave a review. Any notes can also be shared with the owner.


Krify is the best car parking app development company for your organization. We will develop a custom solution that meets all of your needs and provides you with an excellent user experience. Our team can design, build, deploy, maintain and support your application to make sure it’s always available when customers need it most. For more information, contact us.

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