Toyota, is a reputed and leading manufacturer of automobiles. It has sales and distribution branch of Toyota in mainland Australian states. It leads the automobile industry in environmental technologies with the success of the hybrid technology in the Prius and Camry Hybrid. The client approached us with the requirement of a robust iPhone app for using it as a part of the promotional activity they were planning for the launch of their brand new, Toyota Land Cruiser model in Australia, Toyota.

The Challenge

As a part of promoting the Land Cruiser model, the client wanted a mobile application that can be used to reward the users with points for driving their cars on road trip in pre-defined zones. For the collected points, the client wanted to redeem the points collected by app users and reward them with money vouchers that could be redeemed for goods and services. They wanted a leader board for the users as per the collected points.


We came up with the robust mobile app that would calculate reward points based on GPS data for driving their cars on pre-defined remote locations. Integrating geofence technology, whenever the device enters the pre-defined geofence zones, the user will get rewarded with points that would be redeemed for money vouchers. All the users would be ranked on leader board as per the number of points earned.


The idea was to calculate reward points to vehicles which stayed on road at pre-defined zones, for more number of hours. We decided to use geofence technology, to define the particular zones (certain lifeless, outback rural and empty areas) in Australia where there is no Wi-Fi or 3G signal. When the vehicle enters the geofence, the device will start earning the reward points.
The users can choose the wide range of topics available to start with the game. The user’s motto would be to earn more points to accumulate more and more reward points and to win the leader board position and the competition.


Scoring System: User will get 1 point per min for time spent within geofence when Wi-Fi or 3G or tower signal enabled. User will get 2 points per min if device reports no Wi-Fi or 3G signal within geofence. User will get no points if the phone got switched off or the user force closes the app even if they are within the geofence.
Leaderboard: Leaderboard shows top 10 users with their details and points. Leaderboard updates in every 5 Mins. Users can share their leaderboard position through Facebook or Twitter.
Maps: Maps on the app shows pre-defined geofence locations where users can earn the points.

Technology Stack


By analyzing the requirement and goal of Toyota Australia team behind developing an app, we developed a GPS and Geofence technology based mobile solution to promote their Land Cruiser model in Australia.
Krify’s consultative approach and complete focus towards developing the application, to reach the end results desired by the client, an innovative GPS and Geofence technology based mobile application was created.


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