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An innovative, flexible platform that lets you customize interactions with your customers and clients.

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    What is a Multipurpose CRM Software?

    Multipurpose CRM is software that lets the organization improve customer relations and boost revenue. The Platform is easy to expand, customize, create, extend the program, and change quickly. The CRM software is built for monitoring your business performance, the control of your clients, and manage invoice payments.

    Multipurpose CRM for simplifying your business

    Streamline Process

    Enhance Profitability

    More Reliable

    Easy Customization

    This sophisticated, full-scale CRM system updates you intelligently of all insights on your business’s performance through productive analysis, revenue management, invoices by one-click, project management, and reporting to execute the project in good time. In the corporate world, this software is commonly used to build and cultivate a strong relationship with consumers and clients.

    Features of Multipurpose CRM software



    Once sign-up or registration is done, customers are presented with a readily available dashboard. Once sign-up or registration is done, customers are presented with a readily available dashboard.



    It helps businesses to collect and organize customer data efficiently. This way, it gets easier to manage the contracts made with the clients.



    This feature enables you to build and control the sales pipeline, create estimates and proposals, and helps in enhancing the revenue of the organization.



    Any issues related to the client response, revenue generation, or any issue related to customers or clients can be managed using a support system by generating a ticket.



    All the projects can be managed and maintained with a history of tracking, enhancing, and generating more business ideas from the previous stats.



    Maintaining customers’ data helps to follow up with them in providing them with more services or can even benefit from them in gathering referral customers.


    Knowledge Base

    Any piece of useful information can be shared with everyone using the software, which helps in learning and sharing information over a common platform.



    All the expenses that are carried within the organization can be maintained so that by the end of the month, it gets easier for the higher authorities to track their expenses.



    Every insight can be captured with the report generated by expenses, sale, leads, conversions, and other data feed shared over the software.



    Setting up your daily tasks helps you follow and work upon them, leading to your daily goals.

    Exclusive modules in the Multipurpose CRM software

    • The User can log in with the credentials provided by the admin.
    • A visualizing dashboard will allow the user to have an overview of the projects and his tasks.
    • The user can create the leads, add customers and other accesses provided by the admin.
    • The user can log in as admin through the credentials provided and add employees by generating login credentials.
    • As an admin, they can provide multiple access to all the functionalities within the Software.
    • The Admin can even manage and maintain a track of every employee activity with the software.
    • Managing and maintaining the payments and revenue of the organization is a hassle-free job for the admin.
    • Admin can view the insights of the entire organization by analyzing the reports.

    Technologies used in the Multipurpose CRM Software

    The technologies that supported successful Multipurpose CRM software are as follows:

    Why choose the Krify Multipurpose CRM Software?

    Our Multipurpose CRM software provides you with the chance to experience:

    White-labelled product

    Easily scalable

    Access to source code

    Free installation


    There are multiple benefits of CRM software, some of them are as follows:

    • Easy customization and configuration
    • Manage the projects and their estimates
    • Team collaboration in dealing with prospects
    • Can access the software anywhere and anytime
    • Sorting the issues raised over support

    Yes, there is a Digital signature offered to the user or admin, to sign the documents, based on the instructions and access provided by the admin.

    Yes, an admin can create multiple employees within the organization and each one can log in to the software with the login credentials provided by the admin.

    Yes, of course, we do provide technical support unless there isn’t any modification done with the code.