Advantages and Disadvantages of QR code for Business-

Advantages and Disadvantages of QR Code for Business

What is a QR Code?

QR Code works by converting any text into its encoded form so that QR readers can read them easier than ever before – there’s no need for bulky Reader apps anymore either because they’re built right into most screen readers now too.QR codes are a convenient way to get things done on the go. If you have a phone, then scanning one will let you do certain actions such as visiting websites with an app or making payments from afar without having to type anything in yourself.

 A scannable QR code can be used easily by most smartphones with their camera oriented towards it when you need your phone’s screen unlocked or directions sent right away – no typing required in either case because the information is automatically captured by reading off this coded format instead of inputting text manually on keyboards where errors happen frequently which could lead users astray during important conversations like emergency texts between friends family members etc

Advantages of QR Code

There are many advantages of QR codes, below are a few of them:

  • Easily trackable
  • Use Multiple Placement
  • Many Productive Usage
  • Curiosity inspired

1.  Easily trackable:

QR codes are like fingerprints. Each of them is unique and makes it easy to track the success of your campaign in real-time. As more people connect with your QR code, you can use that data as an indication that there may be some room for improvement when working out marketing strategies moving forward because not all campaigns will lead anywhere – but this information also gives preference on where best place resources without wasting any efforts doing so.

2. Use Multiple Placement:

QR codes are an increasingly popular way to receive information about products and services. QR codes are a good way for businesses like retail shops, restaurants, etc., to reach customers who have smartphone apps or just want quick access. They can be placed anywhere on the menu, so there’s no need to display them in an inconvenient location.

3. Many Productive Usage:

QR codes are a great way to get things done because they have many diverse applications. Social apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat contain excellent examples of productive QR Codes by quickly scanning them with your phone; you can add friends or easily access their profile information.

4. Curiosity inspired:

The functionality of a QR code is not immediately clear. We have all wondered how it works and why they are so important in today’s digital world. But if you scan the correct one with your phone app or browser add-on, you may just get something interesting. Marketing companies use this as an opportunity to offer rewards by providing bonus promotions when their customers successfully decode data from these 2D barcodes placed discreetly around stores for marketing purposes only – never offensive content intended at any person.

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Disadvantages of Using QR Codes

Let’s look at four disadvantages of using QR codes for your mobile applications:

1) Everyone Finds It Difficult

QR Codes, a popular barcode scanning system for smartphones, has been making its way worldwide. As it turns out, there are still many people that will not or cannot use this new technology, and making it required makes things more difficult for everyone involved with trying to complete transactions smoothly.

2) Process Ignorance

QR codes are a form of technology that some people still do not know how to use, and those who do not embrace it as a way of life. A lot can be learned from these individuals by looking at their ignorance with curiosity instead of judgment. There may have been extenuating circumstances on why they weren’t introduced earlier or had never heard about them before now – such as being unaware due solely to selective hearsay rather than any wrongdoing whatsoever.


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