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Top 5 Technologies to Develop an Android App

More than 70% of the world uses smartphones nowadays as technology is updating day by day. Most people spend their time on smartphones. A small android device can give lots of entertainment, information, trending news, communication, business, and whatnot these days. Demand for smartphones has increased due to plenty of features and technologies used in android app development. 

In this generation, everyone is interested in mobile apps because leading android app development company India uses top technologies to develop android apps. There are many reasons why we need a mobile app for a business. Having a mobile app for your business can get more profits, Branding, and many more, so everyone is interested in android apps and getting their apps from android app development company as they use some best technologies for apps.

Top Technologies to Develop Android App

 1) JAVA:

Java is an object-oriented programming language and gives high priority while developing an android app. Java is a simple language where it is easy to understand. It has plenty of sources for open libraries, that’s the reason an android app development company uses this java as a top technology to develop android app. Java is used to implement Twitter apps, Telegram apps, gaming applications, Business applications, etc.


KOTLIN is like an advanced version of java and also modern programming language technologies used in android app development. To overcome shortcomings in java, KOTLIN is designed, and also to solve the problems in API designs for android. This technology is used in Pinterest, UBER, Google, square, Tinder, Zomato, Netflix, etc.


Flutter is used in android mobile app development technologies to design native apps with the help of darts and is also used as a UI tool kit. Dart programming has become popular because of its flexibility. Flutter is used in the Alibaba app, Google ads, Hamilton, SpaceX Go!, kalsterme, and many. 
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This technology uses javascript and react JS as the programming language and an open-source framework implemented by Facebook. It allows android app development company developers to design natively dependent mobile apps. Using the same code, developers can develop an application for other platforms. This technology is used in Facebook ads, Instagram, uberEats, Skype, Walmart, etc.


Basic components apply to all types of apps, but frameworks like Xamarin, .NET are used for specific apps. Xamarin extends .NET by tools and libraries to build android, IOS, macOS, and many others. Xamarin adds base frameworks, dynamic mobile apps, Model View ViewModel libraries, and access to APIs. Xamarin is used for Storyo (video story creator), The World Bank, OLO, Skulls of the Shogun, and many other apps.


Android app development companies design many apps, but few apps are popular like What’s Up, Telegram, Facebook, and many others because of the usage of top technologies to develop android apps. The proper usage of technologies will result in the best apps.

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