Salient Features of On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Salient Features of On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Looking at the rise of on-demand apps these days, startups are running towards the idea of connecting people with services or products, providing a great user experience making their lives more easy and convenient. One such thought going on today is on-demand fuel delivery apps.

 According to business review reports, the on-demand app economy is over 2.4 million customers and 57.6 billion dollars in spending each year. Based on the stats, we understand on-demand apps are highly increasing day by day. We will see features of on-demand fuel delivery apps.

Features to Develop an On-demand Fuel Delivery App: 

Generally, you have to look at three categories while developing or counting on features to develop an on-demand fuel delivery app.

The salient features of the fuel delivery app include three modules

  • Customer module.
  • Driver module.
  • Admin module.

Customer Module Features of Fuel Delivery App:

  1. Easy ongoing: Easy to get along with the app through phone number and email login options.
  2. Immediate Order placing: The customer has an option like vehicle location, fuel type and quantity in getting fuel.
  3. Schedule delivery: Customers can enter the date and time and easily schedule for the delivery beforehand.
  4. Pricing: Based on the type of fuel and quantity, customers can view & confirm the price of the Order.
  5. Payment integration: Customer pay for the requested fuel delivery with different payment modes such as credit/ debit card, wallet and net banking.
  6. Real-time tracking: It is an important feature of an on-demand fuel delivery system application from the customer side. Customers can keep track of the driver’s fuel tank in real-time on a map with early time arrivals.
  7. Push notification: Customer engagement is one kind of touch basing the customers. It keeps track of updating the recent offers, discounts to promote business.
  8. Order history: Customers view the current and fuel delivery bills and requests.
  9. Ratings& Review: Customers can provide reviews relevant to orders based on the driver.
  10. Digital receipts: The Driver can receive an invoice as proof of purchase order.
  11. User profile: Customers can maintain the profile such as name, address, payment modes etc.
  12. Support and assistance: Customers can reach admin executives to get the questions solved for fuel delivery requests.
  13. Referrals: Customers can promote other users to share the app with their friends.

Driver Module Features of Fuel Delivery App

  1. Sign up/log in: Drivers can install different versions of applications, can register and log in with the application.
  2. Active status: It shows the availability status of a driver whether they are online or offline just showing the status of drivers working mode.
  3. Dashboard: Driver can view the requests, scheduled and finished deliveries and also earnings on the dashboard. 
  4. Real-time features: Driver can accept/ reject the received request and track the Order in real-time.
  5. Customer information: Driver can see the customer information including name, contact details, the quantity of fuel, location etc. after accepting the fuel received request.
  6. Navigation: Driver can navigate effortlessly to reach the destination time with real-time tracking on map
  7. Digital signature: Driver can take a digital signature from the customer after the fuel delivery is done and generate an invoice.
  8. Payment: Admin received the fuel order delivery payment after the job was done.
  9. Profile: Driver manages and maintains the profile info such as name email, contact and address.
  10. Help and support: This gives info about support and helps if you have any difficulties.

Admin Module Features of Fuel Delivery App: 

  1. Login: Admin can log in to the web-based panel.
  2. Dashboard: Admin can view the various stats such as drivers, customers and tankers.
  3. Fuel tankers: Admin can add/ update fuel tankers in the admin module.
  4. Drivers: Admin can manage drivers and their real-time locations in the map.
  5. Customer: Admin can manage registered customers.
  6. Fuel pricing: Admin manages and changes the pricing of different fuel kinds in the admin module.
  7. Order history: Admin can view customers previous order with transaction history.
  8. Notifications: Admin can receive different notifications such as driver registration, order payments.

The influence of online services is increasing to a huge extent, starting a fuel delivery system can benefit and get the best ROI. With this application, you can make a huge market with fuel and gas delivery apps. For better consultation, consult a professional fuel delivery app development company for amazing results with reasonable price and great quality. We are one such fuel and gas delivery company in India. Contact us for more information.

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