How to Develop a Milk Delivery app like Milkbasket

How to Develop a Milk Delivery app like Milkbasket

The internet era has widely spread , that day to day activities now can be done just in a few taps. The significance of mobile apps are rapidly increasing with the ongoing tremendous usage. The days where we used to go out to find the best products are gone. Now everyone is focusing on mobile apps as they have enriched our lives. The first thing we look for are the daily basic needs like milk, eggs , butter etc. and an on demand milk delivery app would be a blessing for those who want to save their time instead of visiting the local vendor.


Basic Features of On-Demand Milk Delivery App:

Primarily milk delivery apps are classified in 3 categories, USER panel, ADMIN panel, and DELIVERY BOY panel, each of these have some different features.


Milk Delivery User Panel App Features:

Login/Register :

Users sign up screen should be simple and should be able to sign up effortlessly. After sign up users can set up their profile by filling all the necessary details, which can be updated based on the delivery requirements.

Set up delivery Location:

Users can set up their delivery location using gps or else they can set up manually. Users can save the location and can set up multiple delivery locations. 


Users can search for the desired product in the milk delivery app.


Enable to choose tier preferred payment method for paying the invoice. Integrate multiple payment gateways such as COD, Debit/Credit card, E wallet, UPI Payments.

Track Order:

Users can track their orders till it reaches the doorstep.

Order History: 

Users can check the expenses and can check their previous orders and can Repeat the previous orders.

Scheduled Delivery:

Users can schedule the order delivery time priorly.


Delivery Man Panel App Features:


Like the user panel, delivery men also need to sign up on the app. They can even link their Social media accounts. They should add the phone number and the area they want to their services.

Order Management:

Allow the delivery man to see the list of orders placed in the app.

Order Details: 

The delivery man should be able to see the order details such as customer contact number, name and location.


The delivery man may not be aware of the order location or exact location of the customer, so they should be able to access the map which can navigate them to the customers location.

Delivery History: 

Delivery man must be able to check the details of the orders he delivered to keep a track.


Milk Delivery Admin Panel App Features:


Admins will be having complete control over the app this menu admin can view detailed data about the customers and the delivery man.

User management:

Admins will be able to access the information of the customers and delivery man’s profile for smooth functioning of the app.

Users profile Management:

Admins can be able to track efficiently and fulfil every customer’s needs. It’s very important to maintain clients’ data such as phone number and location private. Admins must be able to respond to order accept/reject status and can be able to assign it to the delivery man.

Track Order:

Integrate this option as the admin must be able to track the location of the delivery man to ensure that the order is delivered to the exact location.

Manage Payments:

Admins can be able to calculate every transaction received against the order delivered they can have the record of the payments.


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