How to Create an Online Store in WordPress?

The rise of the online store has made it easier than ever before for people to buy things they need. With the availability and accessibility, more individuals depend on their phones instead of going out to search physical stores or waiting around until items come into stock at local retailers close by them. So, having an active website with all relevant information about your business will help ensure success because potential clients can find exactly what’s needed without leaving home. 

When we talk about website development it’s a good practice to develop a website in WordPress. You will have access to all the functions, features, payment options, and many more. Additionally, the WordPress website will be simple to utilize on a daily basis. Let’s now dive deep to understand how to create an online store in WordPress. 

How to Create an Online Store in WordPress?

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Analyze How Many People Visit Your Online Store

Before developing the website, estimate the traffic you will receive. Then select the best hosting providers depending on the traffic you estimated for your website. This will help you to show your website on the Internet.

Features & Plugins

When it comes to product offerings and payment processing, the difference between a regular store and a typical WordPress site is primarily about making it easy for picking goods and executing transactions. Every eCommerce site will include the main features like a shopping cart, product page and catalog, checkout process, and many more. Each of these aspects needs to be operated smoothly in order to make the customer’s journey easier. To make it possible it is important to use plugins like Woocommerce.

Woocommerce Settings

Wocommerce is an eCommerce plugin used to develop online stores in WordPress. For setting the Wocommerce you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugins or extensions. Then search for the Woocommerce plugin and install it just like other WordPress plugins.

Product Page Cration

Create your product page after installing and configuring the WooCommerce plugin. For accomplishing this, WooCommerce itself offers a wonderful manual. When designing your product categories, pay attention to creating URLs. Make sure that no URLs in different categories are used twice. Every component of a product should have its own name. Give each category its own name even if there is only one product in it. A high-quality image, the product name, description, price, and other information should all be included on every single page.

WooCommerce already has a significant user base, which is one of its benefits. It won’t be difficult to locate someone who has experienced similar problems in the past if you need assistance or guidance.

Custom Settings

WooCommerce, like the majority of WordPress e-commerce plugins, lets you customise anything from the product borders to the footer’s layout. This is where a lot of internet retailers struggle. You’ll need to be familiar with CSS if you want your online store to have a unique appearance and a personalised design. A professional eCommerce company, like Krify can create a custom WordPress design for you if you’re not familiar with coding.

Be alert while adjusting the product image settings. One of the most crucial elements of any online business is definitely the product image size, which has a direct impact on how the product appears on your eCommerce website. Also, don’t forget to establish permalinks as well. This crucial SEO step will raise your website’s organic traffic.


Verify all of your settings one last time to make sure everything is working properly before launching your online business. Test once again after your initial run. You can either handle this on your own or with the assistance of an outside e-commerce testing company. The majority of reputable companies provide qualified QA managers who can conduct testing. Also, they’ll fix all the faults and work to ensure that your online store runs smoothly.


WordPress is a popular content management system that can be used to create an online store. If you are looking for help creating an online store, Krify is the right place. Krify is a top mobile and web application development company with a team of professionals who are specialists, well-versed, and trained in cutting-edge technologies. Contact us right now to get started.

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