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Flutter 2.0: Everything you Need to Know

What is Flutter 2.0?

Flutter 2.0 is an upgrade of Google’s open-source UI toolkit, which it originally released in 2018 under the name Flutter 1.0. It allows for the creation of mobile apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase using Flutter 2.0. In this blog, you can know more about Flutter 2.0. It is a more extensive and comprehensive update that includes services for Mac, Windows, Linux mobile app development, as well as web application development. 

Here are the Most Interesting Features of Flutter 2.0:

  1. Sound Null Security
  2. Web Platforms Provide Assistance
  3. Improved iOS Support
  4. Desktop with a Stable Reach
  5. Flutter Tools
  6. Google’s Native Mobile Ads
  7. Access to New Widgets
  8. Codes Reused for App to App Feature
  9. Desktop with a Stable Reach

1. Sound Null Security:

A useful feature for the Dart language that allows developers to quickly distinguish non-nullable from nullable variables and avoid superfluous null checks. There will be no problem with existing packages that don’t support null safety; the majority of them will be converted.

2. Web Platforms Provide Assistance:

Web support is a useful tool that allows developers to use web platforms and cut down development time by recycling code. It also enables them to create interactive web applications and utilize APIs for the creation of versatile and dynamic 2D and 3D graphics. It’s all thanks to the Flutter approach moving from document-centric to app-centric, based on HTML renderer and Canvas-Kit renderer.

3. Improved iOS Support:

With the release of Flutter 2.0, we’ve obtained a lot more contact and collaboration possibilities in addition to better performance and usability (check out our latest Firefox OS review for further information). The Cupertino design language version has improved iOS support with numerous remodeled iOS functions and new iOS widgets. With 23495 PRs fixing state to iOS and 67781 PRs enabling direct development of IPA without opening Xcode, the 2.0 edition has 178PRs out of 17039 PRs iOS related.

4. Desktop with a Stable Reach:

The second edition of Flutter, which is called 2.0, offers significant enhancements in terms of iOS compliance with a number of enhanced iOS components and new iOS widgets utilizing the Cupertino design language. With 23,495 PRs for state restoration to iOS and 67781 PRs for direct development of IPA without using Xcode, the 2.0 version has 178PRs out of 17039 PRs related to iOS.

5. Flutter Tools:

The new FlutterDevTool will allow Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and AndroidStudio to assist developers with debugging by checking for exceptions.

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6. Google’s Native Mobile Ads:

The Google Mobile Ads SDK is a beta version that allows developers to integrate native advertising and inline banners into existing overlay platforms and modify advertisements with Admob and Ad Manager.

7. Access to New Widgets: 

Now that autocomplete and Scaffold messenger access has been granted, Flutter-built native apps can include auto-complete capabilities, and the snack bar may be used between Scaffold transitions.

8. Codes Reused for App to App Feature:

‘Flutter’ is a cross-platform mobile interface development framework that aims to reduce the difficulty of developing engaging interfaces for Android and iOS mobile apps. Flutter’s app-to-app feature enables native codes to be saved and run on both Android and iOS mobile apps.

9. Desktop with a Stable Reach:

We have been working on improvements to the user interface for a while. This functionality isn’t yet complete but will be in the near future, so we’ll undoubtedly announce it: Flutter is now accessible on Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) on stable, providing a native-like experience and smoother resizing for macOS and Windows as a result of the new Desktop support that accompanies it.


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