8 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Christmas and New Year Sales.

8 Tips to Boost Sales During Christmas & New Year

December is rapidly approaching, which means that as an internet retailer, you should be taking full advantage of this peak period and preparing your company for the expected last-minute panic purchases. In this blog, we have shared 8 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Christmas and New Year Sales. Finally, as long as you make these purchases on your site or those of your rivals, they will take place no matter whether they are purchased during this Christmas shopping craze or not. We’ve gathered some of the most popular marketing tips for Christmas sales, and marketing tips for new year sales.

8 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Christmas and New Year Sales:

  1. Provide Visitors with Gift Ideas Based on the Product Type
  2. Promote the Use of Gift Cards
  3. Instill a Sense of Urgency
  4. Provide Pre-Christmas Sales
  5. Use Email to Increase Sales
  6. Promote Gift Baskets
  7. Provide Free Delivery
  8. Free Gift Services

1. Provide Visitors with Gift Ideas Based on the Product Type:

The more convenient it is for your website visitors to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they will be to buy anything on your site. One of the most effective methods is to give them gift ideas for their loved ones, such as by generating product suggestions based on age, gender, product type, hobbies, and price.

This not only improves their overall experience as a client but also raises the likelihood of converting them into a purchase.

2. Promote the Use of Gift Cards:

While physical gift cards are still incredibly popular, more and more online retailers are beginning to provide digital gift cards, also known as e-vouchers, which can be delivered immediately to the receiver by email or SMS or at a specific date.

3. Instill a Sense of Urgency:

You can use your Christmas marketing budget to send them a special offer for their first 50 customers, such as a low-value free gift like a candle or an incentive.

By using a Facebook Live video announcement, you may also think of this unique limited offer as an alternative. This sort of marketing strategy was quite successful for Black Friday sales, so it’s never too early to start.

4. Provide Pre-Christmas Sales:

One of the simplest, yet effective, methods to boost revenue throughout the holiday season is to provide your visitors with a discount code that they may use on your website. Why not make it more festive, for example by using Christmas20 as its name and promoting it heavily on your website’s homepage and via social media channels? You might also employ it as part of a “Last-Minute Christmas” campaign to encourage people to finish their Christmas shopping in time and save money.


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5. Use Email to Increase Sales:

When it comes to generating sales in the lead-up to Christmas, your current client base is a wonderful place to start. Email marketing might be an excellent choice whether you’re offering discounts, encouraging last-minute purchases of gift cards, or simply want to showcase your gift categories (or all three). 

Segmenting your database to send only the most relevant information to your recipients will improve open rate, click-through rate, and conversions. Shopping cart abandonment reminders are just one of several strategies that may help you in the lead-up to Christmas.

6. Make Gift Baskets:

If you have a collection of goods that work well together, consider packaging them into a gift bundle. Because numerous items are purchased at once rather than just one, these increase your average order value.

Ensure that your inventory management system enables product bundling to save you time and automatically synchronize your stock levels over the busiest period of the year.

7. Provide Free Delivery:

A free delivery may be a wonderful method of appealing to new consumers in the Christmas season, and it might even assist with repeat business. “Free delivery on orders over £40” is a great way to entice customers to make more purchases in one go, so they can get free shipping. 

8. Free Gift Services:

A great way to make your company stand out is to offer gift wrapping as an option. This can help to improve the customer’s experience and, in the end, increase revenue. It also may be useful if you provide a personalized message for purchasers to include with their purchase.


These 8 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Christmas and New Year Sales may assist you to sell more during the holiday season, but you must ensure that your firm can handle higher order volumes, especially while optimizing your marketing campaigns for peak sales. Automated inventory management systems can help you stay ahead of the competition by minimizing stock-outs and overselling. 

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