10 Myths Of Mobile Application Development

10 Myths Of Mobile Application Development

If you already have an online business, a mobile app may be a fantastic way to improve your customers’ experience by allowing them to interact with your brand while on the go. Mobile apps are a fantastic method to reach out to new consumers who aren’t familiar with your brand. In this blog, we’ve shared 10 Myths of mobile application development misconceptions in order to demystify them.

  1. Apps for Smartphones Are Expensive
  2. Mobile App Development Requires Time
  3. A Unique Idea Is Required For A Mobile App
  4. The Development of a Mobile App is a One-Time Event
  5. Website Isn’t Necessary
  6. Apps Are For Large Corporations
  7. Anybody Can Create a High-Quality Application
  8. Users reach by Mobile Applications on their Own
  9. Application is released to the public, it is no longer development
  10. All OS Must be Supported by the Application

1. Apps for Smartphones Are Expensive:

The majority of people believe that creating a mobile application is too costly. The good news is that developing a mobile application isn’t overly pricey. Contrary to popular belief, mobile applications are not expensive. They are, in fact, quite inexpensive when compared to traditional marketing methods. Mobile apps are so cost-effective that they may typically pay for themselves in as little as several months if done correctly. Indian app developers can assist you in developing a mobile app for you at a reasonable cost if required.

2. Mobile App Development Requires Time:

The process of developing an Android or iOS app is not lengthy. It all depends on the type of application you want to create. If you want to make a simple mobile app in two to three weeks, go for it. But if you want to develop sophisticated software, expect your mobile app development firm will take between two and three months to finish the project. Consult with an Indian mobile app developer for a quote if you’re unsure about how much effort it’ll take to build a mobile app.

3. A Unique Idea Is Required For A Mobile App:

Another misconception is that you need a unique concept for a mobile app. You should definitely go ahead and make a mobile application if you have a good concept for one. However, to develop a mobile application, you do not need to come up with an original idea. To start a company, you don’t even need a unique concept. Perhaps one of the simplest methods to get inspiration for developing an outstanding app is to study some of the current popular mobile apps and identify their flaws.

4. The Development of a Mobile App is a One-Time Event:

Creating an app is a time-consuming, iterative process. You can’t expect to create an app and have it explode in popularity. You’ll need to continue refining and updating your application as the world revolves around you. Not only that, but you must also keep your mobile application up-to-date. It’s critical to maintain readability in your mobile software and add new features for customers on a regular basis.

5. Website Isn’t Necessary:

When people think about making a mobile app, many business owners believe they don’t need one. The reason is that since their mobile app has nothing to do with their website, the web page is not required. But it’s incorrect. Even if your mobile app is a stand-alone product, you’ll need a website for various reasons.

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 6. Apps Are For Large Corporations:

Many people believe that mobile application development is only for large corporations, but this isn’t true. You can create your own or commercialize an app if you have a smartphone application concept. The good news is that to develop mobile apps, you don’t need to be a huge corporation anymore. In India, there are dozens of mobile app development firms that may build mobile apps for small enterprises.

7. Anybody Can Create a High-Quality Application:

It’s no walk in the park to produce a good application design, from the ground up. It necessitates a large amount of expertise and experience. Furthermore, progress makes rapid strides forward. As a result, it is critical to respond promptly to new trends, operating system updates, hardware possibilities, and all other forms of technology.

8. Users Reach by Mobile Applications on their Own:

It’s not over after you’ve uploaded an app to the application marketplaces (Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store). Individual users’ phones, tablets, and other devices must receive the program. This is a significant issue for marketers. Getting new software to people is difficult because there are so many competitors. It requires a lot of work and money on occasion.

9. Application is Released to the Public, it is no Longer Development:

The release of a software application does not signify the conclusion of the development process. Mobile applications are just another form of software. Although most blunders should be addressed during testing, you’ll occasionally discover faults that need to be fixed. Applications generally go through further enhancements, new features are added, it’s necessary to react to new versions of mobile operating systems, which frequently necessitates code rewrite or modification in part of the application code, graphics change, or even how apps are controlled.

10. All OS’s Must be Supported by the Application:

It’s possible that not all applications are accessible to users of various computer systems ( Android, iOS, and Windows ). Because it is usually a question of strategic choices, it is frequently enough even if you just concentrate on a single operating system. It’s more often a matter of money and strategy for consumer apps; it also depends on the size of the market, the target group’s definition, and other factors.


We may infer from the preceding information that these are the most common misconceptions about mobile app development, which most people believe. So, don’t get struck by these myths and just stick to the correct mobile app development process. If you need to develop a mobile app for your firm, Krify is the best mobile app development company with a reputable mobile application development business that has many years of expertise in the field. For more information contact us.


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