Top Node JS development agency in UK

Top Node JS Development Agency in UK

Node JS Development is a method of web development that uses JavaScript as an application programming language. Node JS supports asynchronous I/O and event-driven programming, which makes it lightning fast to process requests. It can also be used for data streaming and real-time applications due to its ability to handle large amounts of data without slowing down or crashing. Krify is a top Node JS development agency in the UK; we have an experienced team of developers who have worked on several startups and enterprises projects. We work with clients who need assistance in their projects and can help them deliver the best possible solutions. 

Development process by Top Node JS development Agency

The best Website development firm like Krify is also known to be the top Node JS development agency in UK for delivering unique and quality-based services. Our range of expertise covers front-end design all the way to back-end programming, so we offer an inclusive package for every facet of developing applications, including everything from planning out what needs designing right down through delivery by means of carefully planned layout and backend code specifications.

1.Understanding Requirements

The process of identifying and understanding what a customer provides is time-consuming. However, it is necessary to do so to supply them with the ideal solution that they seek.


The design of the program is critical to ensuring a great user experience. Graphic designers can then add custom graphics, logos, colors, and typography to our designs using wireframes and site maps as a reference. As a result, your web application will have its own distinct identity, which you can personalize.

3. Development

The preceding stage creates an HTML version of the designs, replete with animations and effects. There are numerous JavaScript frameworks and libraries available, including Angular and React. Backend developers are in charge of developing the server-side application, database, business logic, and everything else that happens behind the scenes of the program.


Before being deployed to the server, the web app is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that it is free of faults and problems. The quality assurance team performs functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance tests to verify the web application is ready for usage and launch; furthermore, as a result of their findings, these tests aid in discovering ways to improve the web app shortly.

5. Deployment

After the web app has been authorized by the quality assurance team, it is deployed to the server using file transfer protocol.

6. Maintenance and support

The deployment of an app is not the final stage; it occurs only after we have completed a significant percentage of our work with you! We are constantly looking for ways to improve and tweak your new solution after it has been released to ensure flawless performance, in addition to post-deployment maintenance and support.

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Advantages of Developing a Web application using Node JS

Krify is known as one of India’s most innovative Node JS website development solutions company. We use cutting-edge design trends to give you a personalized experience with your digital brand. When it comes down to how customers engage with brands online or what their preferences are versus other factors such as usability and security, Krify has solutions tailored just for you. This is the reason why Krify is known to be the best Node JS development agency in UK.

1. Robust technology stack

When you utilize Node.js for the backend, you get all of the benefits of full-stack JavaScript development, such as increased efficiency and overall developer productivity, code sharing and reuse, speed and performance, and easy knowledge exchange.


2. Seamless JSON support

Since other backend technologies, such as PHP and Ruby on Rails, can use JSON format for communication, Node.js does so without converting between binary models and instead uses JavaScript. This is extremely useful when developing RESTful APIs for NoSQL database support, such as MongoDB.

3.Real-time web apps

The node.js environment is a terrific place to start if you want to create web apps that can be accessed by a variety of people in the same location simultaneously, and it’s also shockingly simple.


4.Huge Data handling

Node.js is a data interchange that provides end-to-end solutions as well as speedier and more efficient backend procedures! Its seamless processing of huge amounts of information serves as an effective foundation for your business.


The Node JS framework has many uses in both front-end web applications and back-end servers that power them. It can also run multiple processes at once without blocking other requests from being processed or executed simultaneously. 

Ever since the introduction of Node JS, Krify has been providing excellent web application development services to clients worldwide. We are experts in this field and offer our services all over London and Ilford for that matter. Therefore, we are renowned as the top Node JS development agency in London and Ilford. For more information, contact us.


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