Top MEAN stack developemnt agency in UK

Top MEAN Stack Development Agency in UK

The MEAN stack is a great choice for those looking to develop robust and scalable web applications. It consists of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js frameworks that can work in tandem to give your business the best possible chance at success.  We at Krify are the best MEAN Stack development agency in the UK, specializing in this technology stack – we’ve built powerful web apps for our clients worldwide using these frameworks because they provide easy scalability and high performance. Krify is the leading MEAN stack development agency in UK, delivering world-class web and mobile application development services. We help businesses create a digital presence that attracts customers, engages with them, and provides an overall better customer experience. With our team of experienced MEAN stack developers & designers, we can ensure your project will be delivered on time and within budget. 

Development Process by Top MEAN Stack Development Agency in UK

Krify is a leading provider and has the expertise to meet all of your goals. Our dedicated team is committed to providing quality service while ensuring that every need is met with clarity, dedication, and care. Our development team follows the process detailed below.

1.Requirement gathering:

To create an effective project plan, we conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements. We use the parameters clients offer and must be careful not to miss anything critical. This is crucial because major delays might arise if we don’t identify all of the dependencies, costing both work and money to improve.

2. Designing:

The UI/UX phase is the first step in the development process. To ensure that user needs are met while incorporating usability requirements into design standards, accurate planning and creativity are required to ensure things go smoothly.

3. Development:

A custom MEAN stack development agency in UK will build an application that caters to individual needs by utilizing the front and back-end technologies.

4. Testing:

No one wants to release an application that is full of bugs and problems. So, developers need to test the product thoroughly before releasing it.

5. Deployment:

With the end of testing is complete, we will take every possible precaution to deploy the client’s application. We’ll cover all bases and ensure that it’s thoroughly tested before the client starts using the application for any important data transfers.

6. Maintenance and support:

Application software modifications and updates may fit within the scope of software maintenance. Clients have the option of requesting further application assistance and technical support.

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Reasons to Choose Top MEAN Stack Development Agency in UK

Krify is a full-service MEAN stack development company that employs NodeJS, Angular JS, and MongoDB expertise. We are your source for responsive interfaces with expert engineers to build powerful web applications across all devices. Below are some of the reasons you need to choose the top MEAN stack web development agency in the UK.

1. Free open-source components:

The MEAN stack components are open-source and frequently updated, allowing developers to tailor the code to their specific requirements. Furthermore, NodeJS has a large library of JavaScript modules.

2. Cost-Effective:

The cost of deploying an application designed using the MEAN stack is lower because the components are free and may operate on any host. This method will be simple to swap out front-end frameworks such as ReactJS, Vue, and multiple Angular versions without affecting the back-end logic and processes.

3. Developer Efficiency:

The MEAN stack can assist businesses in increasing developer productivity. Organizations can easily adopt a more efficient strategy.

4. Higher Performance:

The MEAN stack includes many high-performance Javascript technologies that may be used to create dynamic online projects. It provides native containers for web apps, allowing them to provide a platform-specific experience.

5. User Friendly:

A user-friendly interface can be created with it. The MEAN stack’s finest feature is its support for MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. As a result, developers can build native web apps.


MEAN Stack is a great tool that offers much more than just ease of use; it includes modern single-page apps among its resources, which helps give both speed and convenience while development on your app takes shape.

Krify is a top MEAN stack development agency in UK. Our objective is to provide our clients with great service while ensuring that all of their requirements are fulfilled with clarity, commitment, and care. Krify has positioned itself as one of the top companies specializing in developing tailor-made web solutions according to our client’s requirements. We have extended our services to all the industries of various business domains worldwide. We serve various counties in UK, such as London, Ilford, Essex, etc., and we are renowned as the top MEAN Stack development agency in London and top MEAN Stack development agency in Ilford. For more information, contact us.


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