Learning Management System (LMS)

Enhance your learning experience for growth and expertise.

A product that creates a high value of learning according to business needs and motive to give the best user experience.

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    What is a Learning Management System Software?

    LMS – Learning management system, the abbreviation itself tells this is a software platform where admin can address multiple no of people for colleges, higher education institutions, and schools. In your custom LMS software can have administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and course management delivery.

    Learning Management System

    Effective Management System


    Advanced Reporting

    Performance Tracking

    The LMS product can improve the learning experience, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly we are able to track the performance of anyone. The basic LMS product has access to upload the course videos, delivering the videos to students, signing functionalities to authorized persons. This is one of the best ways to adapt fast learning to your successful career.

    Features of LMS software


    My course

    Here the user will be able to check the purchased courses, messages, and student user profile.


    Multiple Language

    This option will give you the diversity of using multiple languages according to their comfort level to learn the courses.


    Paid or free version

    The admin has an option to keep the courses under the paid or free versions and students are able to choose the course depending on the requirement.


    Browse courses

    In LMS software the user, admin, or instructor has access to browse the course which they need to study or look for a course.


    Instructor dashboard

    The tutors also have various options to navigate, they have updates on payments, courses, students, and many more on the dashboard.


    Simple sign process

    The user can log in or register to the app with simple steps into the portal.


    Admin Dashboard

    The most powerful person on the LMS system can manage the whole system including users, instructors, and web content.


    User profile

    The user can create a profile with information about their details and education data.


    Payment option

    The users can pay the payment for the courses they want to learn for and the payment option is fully secured and reliable.

    Exclusive modules in the Multipurpose CRM software

    • User can see the list of courses on the home page in a grid view and they can even filter the category according to their wish
    • The user has an option to keep the courses on the cart to purchase or they even wishlist the course they would like to.
    • And the user has to enroll in the course when they want to start learning the course in-depth.
    • In the user portal for the convenience of the user, there is a messaging option on the platform for messaging.
    • The user has to set up the user profile for better convenience and they can also check in to the purchase history of courses.
    • The instructor can able to login into the app after admin approval.
    • The instructors will be able to view courses and also they can add courses into the portal as required.
    • They can also watch the other instructor revenue through the option available on the platform, where enrolled course, course revenue, status, and option.
    • In the payment settings, the instructor can set the payment keys according to their wish. They have secret keys and public keys as well.
    • An instructor can add the courses with category sections, lessons, and courses, enrolled students, and status of the project.

    Technologies used in the LMS Software

    The technologies that supported successful Multipurpose LMS software are as follows:

    Why choose Krify LMS Software?

    Our LMS clone provides you with the chance to experience:

    White-labelled product

    Easily scalable

    Access to source code

    Free installation


    The main purpose of the LMS product is to bring the courses to the students using the internet, where the tutors and trainers can plan, manage, implement and track the performance of users.

    After the deep analysis of client requirements out business analyst will check the features of the website and provide you with the right estimations to develop a website.

    LMS software will be beneficial for small, medium, large scale enterprises, startups, and corporate trainers can also use the LMS as a way to deliver courses to students.

    Our expert developers can implement the specification client seek, we have hands-on development in code scripting as per the business requirement.