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Client from the Mid UK origin has a Fuel and Gas Delivery business with fleet vehicles from a famous place. And the client has 60% of his business booking over the WordPress based informative website which custom featured signup, login option for users to book the gas and oil delivery service online without requiring a customer to go to a gas/fuel filling station as and when required by taking out sometime.
The client is envisioning to develop an interactive platform for reduces the strain of booking the fuel/gas delivery every day through a long process and would like to have a system where can operate things with deeper insights.


As the web solution is limited to access, where the customer has to revisit the site every day and follow the procedure to book the service. Here our client wants to provide a smoother and recurring service with less interaction to book the service and enhance the quality of the service.


To make sure the application involved three factors as mentioned by the client. I.e User, Driver, and Admin. Each module as their own factors. The user is developed for both Android and iOS platforms, the driver module is developed for the iOS platform and the web admin panel.

App Features


In the user module, the user can receive the notifications if they entered the geolocation if they entered the geolocation to them. The user can track the driver location on a real-time map. The user can chat or call the driver, provide rating and reviews for the driver. Once the user signup app will capture the credit card info and charge that card weekly for each fuel delivery.


In the driver module, the admin will provide the credentials and will give the one geolocation to each driver. The driver can see all the users under his/her geolocation. The driver can text or call the users if needed. The admin needs to approve whenever the driver updates their profile.


In the Admin panel, the admin can view all the users and drivers who use the app. The admin can track the driver location on a real-time map. Admin can view assigned drivers for each location. Admin can create and manage circular geofences by providing latitude and longitude and radius. Admin can access all the history of the app users. Here the app payment will be done by payment gateway. The payment details will be received by the admin. The payment will be done automatically once the fuel is filled.

Technology Stack


The app reduced time and fuel people waste while searching for the fuel station. The app user became safer and more considerate drivers. Users membership expiry notification assured they renew their membership on time. The users can refill the fuel at their comfort levels just in a matter of seconds at their fingertips.


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